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Google Universal and G4 Analytics Property Set Up

Instead of packing, today I’m setting up this site with Google Analytics tracking. The goal is to set up both Universal and G4 analytics properties. I want to learn G4 but still have access to Universal analytics since I am more comfortable with Universal.

My goal is to find the shortest most useful tutorial to complete my task.

After googling Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 setup, I found a short video that shows you how to add a G4 property to your Analytics account in tandem with a Google Universal Analytics property. This is comforting, as you will not lose any of your Universal Analytics data.

Below is a 12min video published in 2020 that I used to set up my Google Universal and G4 analytics in tandem. While following the prompts to set up Google Analytics I see that now they allow you to set up both properties at the same time and you only have to use one tracking code!

The video also shows how to convert a Universal Analytics property to a G4 property and how to identify what type of analytics property your site is currently using.

All and all this was a helpful video and my goal was achieved. Next stop – how to maximize the use of Google Analytics both G4 and Universal to create custom reports.